Lively Up™ Bags


A military inspired blend of form and function, welcome to the Lively Up™ Bag Collection. Our exclusive and patent pending REWIND™ fabric and custom hardware combine with earth friendly fabric washes, metal plating, and printing inks for a true blend of social responsibility and world class carry options.

  • Lively Up™ Scout Pack

    Lively Up Scout Pack

    From £99.99

    Function meet form. A large capacity main compartment, padded laptop sleeve, and three external buttoned pockets make this pack just what you need at home and away.

  • Lively Up™ Messenger

    Lively Up Messenger

    From £89.99

    Don’t let go of the form when you need the function. Equipped with a rear document sleeve, padded internal laptop sleeve, dual reader/ipad sleeves, a zippered accessory pocket, and dual buttoned side pockets, never be caught without what you need.

  • Lively Up™ Backpack

    Lively Up Backpack

    From £69.99

    Fully functioning for a day's worth of work. A main compartment and separated laptop sleeve are joined by a large and small zippered accessory pocket for all the essentials.

  • Lively Up™ Overnighter

    Lively Up Overnighter

    From £69.99

    Quick trips, sunrise to sunset work days, or overnight errands are easily conquered when you blend the function of a duffle with the simplicity of a small briefcase. A large main compartment, front zippered accessory pocket, and generously padded compute

  • Lively Up™ School Pack

    Lively Up School Pack

    From £59.99

    Constructed for functionality and ease with a large main compartment that stores the daily essentials and a zippered side accessory pocket that carries all the small personal items.

  • Lively Up™ Day Pack

    Lively Up Day Pack

    From £49.99

    Pack it and go. Simple has never been so solid. Main compartment for the big stuff and a zippered side pocket for the accessories are all you need.

  • Lively Up™ Small Tote

    Lively Up Small Tote

    From £49.99

    Simple, Straight, and exactly what you need for a daily tote. Zippered internal accessory pocket and dual external drop pockets to keep you organized.

  • Lively Up™ Sling

    Lively Up Sling

    From £39.99

    Stuff it, Secure it, and Sling it. A padded reader/iPad sleeve combines with a simple yet securely buttoned front compartment for a perfect carrier of all your personal favorites. Add an adjustable shoulder strap for a perfect fit.

  • Lively Up™ Foldover Tote

    Lively Up Foldover Tote

    From £24.99

    Large enough for all of it, small enough for just what you need. A removable shoulder strap, interior zippered accessory pocket and exterior drop pocket can fit all you absolutely cannot do without. Adjustable to all your personal styling needs--fold it