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Get Together Mini Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Get Together Mini Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speaker



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  • Bluetooth®

  • Bluetooth® Range: 20 Metres

  • 10 Hour Play Time

  • Wireless Dual Speaker Pairing

  • Warranty – 2 Years

  • Light up your day with vibrant sound that keeps everyone smiling.

    The Get Together Mini Bluetooth® portable speaker is a scaled-down version of the much-loved Get Together. With its bamboo face and choice of colours, it delivers solid performance without sacrificing great-looking design


    10 Hour Playtime
    With the Get Together Mini, you can enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime from a single.

    Simple and easy to connect your Bluetooth® enabled devices at home or on-the-go, you’ll be able to fire up your tunes whenever and wherever you need them. The Get Together Mini has a wireless range of up to 10 metres.

    Pair For Stereo Sound
    The Get Together Mini can be paired with another Get Together Mini to provide rich stereo sound, making it the ideal speaker for large areas.


    Sustainably Crafted
    The Get Together Mini is crafted in the true House of Marley style, supporting the welfare of our planet with sustainable materials. Made with a natural bamboo front and back panel, and the House of Marley signature REWIND™ fabric. REWIND™ fabric is weaved from recycled materials to create a durable, high-quality product. It is constructed from a distinctive blend of 30% reclaimed organic cotton, 30% reclaimed hemp and 40% recycled PET.

    Marley’s Signature Sound
    With 2.5” woofers and two .75” tweeters, the compact drivers will deliver the clear and crisp sounds you are looking for.

    Charge Out
    There’s no need to worry about your Bluetooth® device running out of power as the Get Together Mini has a built-in auxiliary input and USB port ready to charge your device to keep the music following.


    Technical Spec

    Speaker: 1 x 63mm Woofer / 2 x 19mm Tweeters
    Frequency Response: 90-20kHz
    Amplifier Power: 12 Watts x 2 Channels
    Wireless Range: 20m (Single Mode) 15m (Dual/Paired Mode)
    Runtime: 10 Hours
    Charging Time: 3 Hours
    Auxiliary Input
    USB Port
    Dimensions (cm): Length: 41 x Height: 14.6 x Width: 12.1
    Product Weight (kg): 2.6
    Warranty: Two Year



    • 10 Hour Playtime
    • Aux-in Connector
    • Bamboo Faceplate
    • Rewind Fabric
    • Get Together Mini Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    • Get Together Mini Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    • Get Together Mini Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    • Get Together Mini Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Customer Reviews

    Get Together Mini Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speaker is rated 3.8 out of 5 by 190.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Absolutely amazing This portable speaker is absolutely amazing! It allows me to stream music wherever I go and it also has a rechargeable battery which makes it super convenient and portable. It has a built-in Bluetooth which makes it easy to hook up my phone, iPad, computer, or other peoples devices to be able to stream music. I absolutely love the woodgrain finish, and it gives it a sleek and bohemian vibe which still pairs well with all my decor. It has a nice weight to it, but it still light weight enough to carry around. It has a great base, which was pleasantly surprise him for how small it is.
    Date published: 2019-08-14
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Dope! This speaker is mini but mighty! The sound is super clear and the bass is extraordinary. Very lightweight and easy to move around. The colors go really well with any decor. The outlet plugs came in a variety for different countries electric currents which was super cool.
    Date published: 2019-07-31
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from So stinkin cute and loud I did not expect this speaker to be as cute or as big as it was. Most Bluetooth speakers are pretty small and don't give off high quality sound and bass. With this speaker we were able to still hear the quality of the music and very loud might I add. It wasn't distorted or mangled but loud, clear and the bass was on point. The buttons are easy to locate and very easy to use. The wood finished look gives it a classy style and this fits right in the den on the entertainment center until we use for on the go. It was great at the beach with all the other sounds in the air. I was still able to hear my music good and loud.
    Date published: 2019-07-24
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from House of Marley - Sound Mini What a sound system I was able to purchase....I mean it was more than I expected. Even the size of the House of Marley Sound Mini was bigger than I expected. I was able to link the Sound Mini to my smartphone (Bluetooth) and it worked magnificently. The sound that came out was clear and loud. No buffering or anything. I also played audio messages that I was able to hear without a problem. It does not clash with anything in my home (the look of the Sound Mini fits perfectly). The battery life is up to 10 hours and ranges at a good distance. This is a good way to stream your music wherever you may be. I would recommend this product to anyone who maybe looking for a good mini speaker to take on the road or just keep at home. Just a great way to listen to whatever you would like to play.
    Date published: 2019-07-24
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great sound! Before I even opened the box, I knew this was going to look great. The wood just makes it look sharp, I can keep it out and people notice it and have given it compliments. It was very easy to set up and pair with my phone. The sound is crisp and has great base. My husband plays his pod cast on it while working in the garage.
    Date published: 2019-07-24
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing Quality! House of Marley - Get Together Mini has amazing sound quality and it looks so good wherever you may choose to sit it. Another great thing is it’s so easy to carry with you anywhere you want to take it, even another country, it comes with all the different plug-ins that’s used in the US or any other country. This mini Bluetooth speaker is made with top quality products and I’m very impressed with this product. It has 3.5” woofers and it’s made with FSC certified wood, auxiliary ports built-in on the back of the speaker, passive radiator on the back and wireless controls on top of the speaker. It’s the perfect size of 3.75” high and 11.75” wide; 2.5” subwoofers and 1” tweeters and only weighs 3.33 lbs. After you pair it with the Bluetooth feature it’s wireless range is up to 45 feet and offers up to 10 hours of playtime after a full charge. This speaker also has an integrated microphone inside for use as speakerphone and you can use voice prompts to set up the bluetooth. It’s so attractive with its bamboo face and House of Marley Rewind fabric, which uses 30 Hemp/30 organic cotton and 40 recycled plastic bottles. I would highly recommend this product because in my own honest opinion it’s truly an amazing quality and is by far the best wireless mini speaker I have ever used.
    Date published: 2019-07-23
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great sound quality and beautiful looking Speaker The design of the speaker is absolutely beautiful, and it sounds fantastic, nice bass and plenty of volume. It can be easily pair with Bluetooth and charge quickly. Great clarity. I'm listening music almost daily using this speaker from last 2 weeks and one thing I noticed is that It does have better sound projection when plugged into the wall compared to running off of battery power alone. This speaker is perfect if you are having a party with lots of dancing and having fun. I love how portable it is that I can carry this anywhere I go and the bamboo on the front looks amazing. We took it outside by our pool, to the park and it works fine. we also got many complement regarding the look and sound quality of this House of Marley Get Together Mini speaker. I would definitely recommend this speaker to anyone who want to make their party fun & loud.
    Date published: 2019-07-23
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from AMAZING Bluetooth speaker!! I absolutely LOVE this Get together Mini speaker. I have been searching for, and buying many portable Bluetooth speakers to no avail. Either they didn't hold a charge long enough, or they just weren't loud enough. Well. My search is over. Not only is this some portable, it has amazing sound. It is very easy to paid across multiple devices. The design is also very sleek and nice as well. I am very pleased.
    Date published: 2019-07-23
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Gorgeous speaker, great sound quality! Awesome! First, this speaker is a gorgeous piece and looks very nice with my home decor. The speaker is well made and visually appealing. I love the wood face and also that it is made with recycled materials. Setup was simple, even for a technology challenged person like I sometimes can be. The sound quality is amazing, I feel like I’m at a live performance. I can move around my home and the Bluetooth stays connected without interrupting the music which is nice because I tend to enjoy using it while cleaning the house. This speaker can get LOUD which is awesome when using outdoors or with a group of friends. The battery life is great and I haven’t had any issue losing power during use. I really like that it’s rechargeable which makes it even more portable. I can’t think of any cons and would recommend this speaker to anyone in the market.
    Date published: 2019-07-22
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Easy to use & can go anywhere! Right out of the box, it is easy to use and what's better, fun to use! I love that a single charge keeps the music going for days. It connects simply and easily by bluetooth to my phone or iPad and I can play music, listen to a podcast, turn up the sound on a movie - or whatever I'm streaming. It is cordless, running on a rechargeable battery, so I can pick it up and take it with me wherever I want. I can have it in the kitchen or the bedroom, or even outside while I'm working in the yard. We're planning to take it with us on our camping tour, too. It looks great and fits in with modern decor. It is well made and has some heft to it. The best feature, for my music loving kids, is that it still sounds great when up full blast! We haven't heard any crackling or popping in the speaker; the quality is just perfect.
    Date published: 2019-07-19
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great sound and looks great The House of Marley Get Together Mini is my favorite Bluetooth speaker by far. It is beautiful--the coloring of the wood makes it look elegant and fits in with our decor. The speaker was easy to set up. It needed to charge for 3 hours approximately. Once charged, I connected to my Bluetooth without problem. The function buttons are easy to find--they are raised and in white-you cannot see them from the front of the speaker-but the top. This makes turning up and down the volume or power simple and easy. I have other speakers where it is hard to see the volume buttons so I really liked the way this speaker allows you to feel and or see it while still being subtle and decorative. The sound that comes from the speaker is great--its evenly balanced, can play loud and also soft. It has a much better even sound than other speakers I own. This will work great for playing music around the house as well as during parties. We have used it outside by our pool and it works fine. I am happy with the performance of this speaker. It looks great, works well. This is definitely a quality product that I am very happy with!
    Date published: 2019-07-19
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Powerhouse of Tunes The Get Together Mini might be "mini" in size, but it is mighty in sound! This speaker can put out some volume, without it sounding distorted or crackling at a higher volume. Very modern and stylish design that would fit any decor. I had it on my nightstand, until my teenaged son took it for a jam session! I am buying him his own! Easy to use and charge. Had no problems connecting to any of the bluetooth devices I use. The Mini held a charge but will also let you know over speaker when you need to charge it again. It is wireless and portable and you can take it anywhere. I am a daily user.
    Date published: 2019-07-18
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Perfect sound quality! The word “Mini” on the description of this Bluetooth Speaker might only apply to its size, because everything else about it has nothing to do with that word. Volume capacity is simple amazing: It reaches big areas of my house without loosing a bit, with fabulous sound quality and perfect clarity. Its vintage style is gorgeous and complements all rooms, with details that are classic and beautiful. It is super easy to use, with instructions not complicated at all. I have already ordered another one to give to my brother asa gift, and I am absolutely sure he is going to love it!
    Date published: 2019-07-18
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from sounds great!! Got this speaker a few weeks ago because the small smart speaker we already have just wasn't doing the job. The sound quality wasn't great and did not get loud enough to play music for the entire ground floor. I am so happy with the get together mini!! The sound quality is fantastic, and the volume gets very loud. We have even used it in our backyard for a bbq and it worked great!! I love the look of the speaker, the wood grain is so pretty, and it's so nice we have set up a special spot for it on our counter. I also love that it's portable and can hold such a long charge. A wonderful product we will use for years to come!!
    Date published: 2019-07-17
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic speaker! This is one fantastic speaker!!! Great range on this thing. Highs, lows, and mids are all on point. Great construction too. The bamboo is very appealing and well constructed. Also, being able to charge means you can take it anywhere without the need of having it plugged in.
    Date published: 2019-07-16
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best small speaker with great sound and quality! We love, love, love our Get Together Mini Bluetooth speaker!! It has amazing sound and quality and for its size it packs quite the punch. I love how it doesn’t weigh much so it’s easy to carry around. The charge definitely last a long time. We would definitely recommend the Get Together Mini!!
    Date published: 2019-07-16
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great quality The first thing you notice about this speaker is its looks, the speaker casing is made of real wood and has a sleek design. The wood gives this speaker its weight, for a portable speaker it will not be easily knocked over in a party situation. I found it very easy to pair with Bluetooth and quick to charge. Now as for the sound, for a small speaker it can get very loud and maintain clarity. At times I will admit it has a bit too much bass, but I was able to smooth that out from my phone . Overall I think it is a great portable speaker for a party or outdoor gathering.
    Date published: 2019-07-15
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Best sounding portable speaker I've ever heard. Loud, Clean and clear sound, Great amount of Bass. It's heavy for its size, and you can tell its not cheap quality. Had this speaker for over a year, and use it almost everyday.
    Date published: 2019-07-14
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from YA MON!!! The Get Together Mini from the House of Marley is in my opinion one of the best bluetooth speakers out there. Crafted of sustainable bamboo and recycled materials this speaker looks great! The sound? OMG!!! Don't wake the neighbors! This speaker can get real loud and the big bass push is perfect if you are having a party and everyone is dancing and having fun. Or you can lower it down and enjoy the crisp sounds from the two woofers and tweeters. The speaker comes with everything needed for quick set up and the charge lasts long, up to ten hours. Also, you can pair two mini's for stereo sound.
    Date published: 2019-07-13
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best Blue Tooth Speaker I've heard! The Marley Get together Mini is the best blue tooth speaker I've ever heard. The speaker itself, is a great size for portability, and is solidly built. The bamboo and fabric look great together, understated, classic and natural. It was very easy to connect to my phone via blue tooth, and I like how it automatically connects the next time I want to use it. I have to say, the sound is fantastic! I am attaching a video of the unboxing and sound sample. It's really just wonderful! The only negative I can think of is that there is not an attached handle. This would come in handy for portability since it's very solid. A handle may throw off the aesthetic though, and this just may be a personal preference since I have smallish hands. Other than that, this speaker leaves nothing to be desired. I just love it!
    Date published: 2019-07-13
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Little package, BIG SOUND This is a wonderful mini Bluetooth speaker! It is super easy to charge and use. It literally took 30 seconds to pair it to my phone and play tunes. Mine came with a beautiful Bamboo Faceplate and Black plastic/Bamboo in the back, all Encased in a Speaker. It is very sleek and appealing to the eye. Anyone that sees my speaker is immediately drawn to it and says how sleek and beautiful it is. Once they hear it’s cool crisp sounds they are hooked. This little guy puts out a Whale of a sound to be so small. I literally have to cover my ears because it can go so loud at Max capacity. When it plays loudly, you will not hear any cracking and popping. It has superb playing quality that is unbeatable! I would recommend this to anyone looking for something to play at parties or outdoor barbecues.
    Date published: 2019-07-13
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Sounds amazing Very durable speaker. It has a very nice real wood look to it and it is very easy to connect. Comes eith charger, easy to read instructions, as well as extra outlet adapters for any type of plug you may run into. Sound quality is off the charts incredible. Almost sounds better than my husbands system in his car. Definitely the best quality bluetooth speaker i have ever heard.
    Date published: 2019-07-13
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing sound, sleek look I am IN LOVE with this Bluetooth, wireless speaker. The look is sleek and something I’ll actually keep out on the counter (some of the other speakers we’ve purchased are hideous). The sound is amazing, fills the entire house and is great quality! I love love love this speaker!
    Date published: 2019-07-12
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Really great! I bought this product a few weeks ago and wow this is a great product the sound and quality in this amazing.... i for sure will be using this a lot at family outings and parties.... so much fun. I will recommended to my friends
    Date published: 2019-07-12
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic sound! The Marley Get Together Mini is actually pretty big! And it packs a big sound. It charges quickly, and it comes with all the different outlet configurations for traveling in different regions. The controls are simple to use. It can also charge your devices in a pinch! It has an input for an aux cable in case you are using a device with no Bluetooth capability. The bass comes through really well on this device. I love the classy look of the sustainable bamboo wood. Another big selling point for me is the packaging. There was no unnecessary plastic or Styrofoam. The charging cord was even wrapped in biodegradable twine instead of a plastic and metal twist tie. It's very clear this company cares about its impact on the environment!
    Date published: 2019-07-12
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing sound My Get Together Mini looks so nice and stylish on display. I have already gotten lots of compliments on both how nice it looks and How great it sounds. I think the sound quality is amazing and great clarity.
    Date published: 2019-07-12
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellent Sound This speaker really packs a great sound for a mini. We have used it outside several times and can definitely hear the bass in the music. The voice for the functions takes a little getting use to. But it's not overpowering so it hasn't been an issue. I also like what the House of Marley company stands for. It's a great quality speaker. The ease of use for the number of functions is impressive. This is the speaker you need for a take anywhere, crisp sound.
    Date published: 2019-07-11
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love it! We have used this speaker constantly over the last several days and I have been nothing but impressed. The sound quality is great, the enclosure is very handsome, and the battery life is certainly exceeding my expectations. I can't think of anything negative to say about this speaker and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something in a fairly small package that delivers a powerful punch, is easy to use, and has a number of features that work just as promised (battery life, Bluetooth, etc.). I look forward to using this speaker for a very long time without any issues or complaints.
    Date published: 2019-07-11
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Looks great I really like the look of this portable speaker. The wood gives it a sleek classic look perfect for the car shows I attend. The speaker was easy to sync to my phone. The sound quality was nice and clear.
    Date published: 2019-07-11
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Looks as good as it sounds! I LOVE this speaker! The sound out of it is clear and crisp, no muffling or crackling. It hooks up to my phone and computer with ease and I can listen to whatever I like wherever I want. It looks high quality to boot, so it can sit out and be admired as well.
    Date published: 2019-07-11
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    Q & A

    I read a lot of complaints about the volume of the female voice. Has that issue been resolved? I want to buy 2x mini's because of the pairing, because the normal speaker doesnt have pairing. Is that correct? Or is there a way to lower/adjust the voice?

    Asked by: JJCV
    I will unfortunately have to get rid of this otherwise great sound device due to the constant intrusion of detestable and unwanted voice messages. This is a terrible feature 
    Answered by: jdthedj
    Date published: 2019-09-04

    My get together mini doesn't seem to charge properly. The red light initially goes on and then turns off within the space of a minute and doesn't seem to charge up, even when left plugged in. Is this a known fault?

    Asked by: Dan!
    Dear Dan!, We are sorry to hear about your experience with your House of Marley Get Together Mini. This is a rare occurrence for us. Could you please reach out to our team at or 0203 441 1885 so we can try to help solve the problem? Thank you for taking the time to review this product. We value your feedback. Kind regards, Team Marley
    Answered by: House of Marley Team
    Date published: 2019-07-18

    my charging port is damaged can it be fixed

    Asked by: Ian Dodd
    Yea I think so. This happened to mine earlier this year and id have it around, maybe just under 12 months and it was just replaced, no questions asked! Excellent customer service and lovley products. Do hope their new speakers will be USBc Hope you get yours fixed man ✌️
    Answered by: Anonymous
    Date published: 2019-08-28

    Is there an app or software that can be used tune the speaker? I just got mine and I found it quite weird that it sounds very muddy when I sit close to it but the sound very big and clear when I am far away from it.

    Asked by: Kaguyasama
    Dear Kaguyasama, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately there is not an app or software that can be used to tune the Get Together Mini speaker. Could you please reach out to our team at or 0203 441 1885 so we can try to help solve the problem? Kind regards, Team Marley
    Answered by: House of Marley Team
    Date published: 2019-12-04

    could I pair 2 speakers for stereo sound?

    Asked by: MarkoQ
    You can so
    Answered by: Domi222
    Date published: 2019-01-24

    It seems a lot of people are bothered with the female voice, including me.It is the only thing ,which keeps me buying one, every time someone ask a question about it, the answer is same.Is there going to be a way in the future to change/turnoff the voice?

    Asked by: Maxim
    There is no way to disable the startup/shutdown sounds, or lower the volume. We are sorry for all inconvenience this causes.
    Answered by: Consumer Relations
    Date published: 2018-08-22

    can the full sized USB port be used for charging

    Asked by: AndrewAussie
    Thank you for your question. The only way to charge this speaker is through the USB to Micro cable included.
    Answered by: Daniel R.
    Date published: 2020-01-11

    what are the dimensions

    Asked by: midz.official
    This speaker is about 30 cm x 9.25 cm x 7.25 cm.
    Answered by: Consumer Relations
    Date published: 2019-02-27
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