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12 Earth-Friendly Materials We Use

The House of Marley products are sustainably crafted from earth-friendly materials including our exclusive REWIND™ fabric, cotton and canvas textiles, recycled plastics, recyclable metals, bamboo and Forest Stewardship Council-certified woods. Making purposeful decisions allows us to have deeper, more meaningful experiences that ultimately result in amazingly positive change. Below are the 12 different earth-friendly materials we use at The House of Marley to create our products.

One of the fastest growing plants in the world, bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood and a tensile strength that rivals steel.
How we use it: CNC milling from joined solid stock, formed laminates, fibers in composites, fibers in fabrics (carbon positive process).

FSC® Certified Wood
FSC® forests are managed with consideration for the environment. FSC® guarantees the trees harvested are replaced and regenerated naturally.
How we use it: CNC milling from solid stock, formed veneer & laminates, fibers in composites, paper products.

Recyclable Metals
Recyclable metals offer the opportunity to transform old technology into a renewable resource.
How we use it: CNC milled housings, formed headbands and ear cups, buckles, sliders, bag hardware, watch casings, other embellishments.

Recyclable Plastic
Reusing plastic reduces pollution levels and helps limit the creation of non-biodegradable materials.
How we use it: How we use it: Our REWIND™ fabric uses fibers made from recycled water bottles.

Regrind™ Silicone
We create new products by reclaiming and upcycling post process and post consumer waste.
How we use it: Protective covers, headband pads, ear cushions, packaging and watch brands.

Rewind™ Fabric
30% reclaimed organic cotton, 30% reclaimed hemp, 40% recycled PET. We weave a unique blend of recycled materials into a durable high quality fabric.
How we use it: Wraps on housings (audio, headphones, cases), stash bags, bags, watches, promo goods.

Organic Cotton
A material that is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, obtained from an environmentally friendly harvesting process.
How we use it: Used in our Rewind™ Fabric, our soft goods and other fabric applications.

We create new products by reclaiming and upcycling post process and post consumer waste.
How we use it: We use cork as an innovative and earth friendly material in our design and production process.

Wood pulp, paper by-products, flax and other seed husks, flour, fiber and bamboo. Fiber fillers sourced from natural by-products help strengthen other materials.
How we use it: Housings for headphones and speaker enclosures, watch casings, cases.

Zirconia, a natural occurring material engineered to last.
How we use it: Used on our Nesta in-ear headphones for durability.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and does not readily corrode, rust or stain with water.
How we use it: Used on our headphone architecture and as joint fasteners.

Recycled Paper
Recycled paper is used paper recovered from the waste stream. Using it reduces the overall demand for wood and the amount of paper landfilled.
How we use it: Used to promote our commitment to sustainability on our Packaging.