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6 Reasons To Support Reforestry

Project Marley was started in effort to impact the reforestation process of this planet. To this date, we’ve planted 25,000 trees with help from Every purchase of a House of Marley product helps plant one tree. A percentage of our sales go towards supporting reforestry.
Now, why is this important? Why should we value this initiative? Simply because the planet is our home. Here are 6 reasons why we should support reforestry.

1. Clean air – Trees clean the air we breathe.

2. Water filtration – Trees help filter the water we drink.

3. Bio-diversity – Trees provide habitat to over 80% of the Earth’s living species.

4. Climate – Trees help regulate our climate and sequester 20% of the carbon from our atmosphere.

5. Social impact – Trees help provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people on this planet.

6. Health & Wellness – Trees are essential contributors to our mental and physical well being. One out of four medicines are derived from trees and other plant life.