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7 Simple Things You Can Do To Treat Our Planet Better


We all have the responsibility to keep the ocean clean and free of plastic materials, but plastic litter is only one small concern on our planet. Every single day, we should be thinking about preserving not only the ocean, but our planet. There are small things we can do and habits we can change to treat our planet better. Here are 7 simple things you can do to treat our planet better.


1. Use compost for soil
Whether your’re using it for your front or backyard, compost is a great way to recycle green waste. Compost is organic matter that is decomposed from biodegradable waste (such as leaves and food waste) and is recycled as fertilizer/soil. It’s a great way to supply your landscaping, gardening, and agriculture with rich nutrients.


2. Recycle
This is probably the most simple task you can do at your home and is probably the most effective. You see, there are many many things that can be created from recycled goods and all you have to do is make sure you put recyclable trash into a separate container. At House of Marley, we use recyclable materials on our products as well!


3. Order less takeout
You may not think too much about it, but when you order takeout food the restaurant usually loads tons of plastic ware such as plates, foam/cardboard boxes, and silverware. Not to mention the massive amounts of napkins that usually don’t get used. Do you really need all that? The more you take, the more the restaurant uses. So keep in mind next time, avoid takeout food if you can or be mindful about the amount of plastic supplies you take.


4. Stop getting a new coffee cup every time
Most of us have access to coffee machines whether it’s at the home or office, but if you make coffee and use plastic cups, reuse your cup! It’s easy to throw away your Styrofoam cups after use or end up biting the cups to make cup art, but keep in mind that you’re wasting a perfectly good cup if you don’t reuse it.


5. Reuse your water bottles
Bottled water is very convenient for a lot of us and if you go to the local market, you can buy a case of bottled water for really cheap. We get so used to opening up a brand new bottle of water each time, but if you look around you’ll start to notice there are tons of plastic bottles laying around your room table, inside your car, at the office desk, etc. Instead of opening up a new bottle, just reuse the bottle.


6. Bring your own bags to the market
Some states have banned plastic bags to be used at the market because of the massive amount of plastic bags being littered on our city streets. Invest in a reusable grocery bag or tote next time you go shopping at the market.


7. Invest in sustainably made goods and companies who makes things with energy efficient methods
There are companies our there including us that invest in making sustainbly made goods to help the planet. It’s a great way to take some of the world’s waste and turn in it into something great.