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Meet The Materials: Cotton

House of Marley’s core ethos is contributing to a sustainable future for our planet. You’ve probably heard and seen that we source sustainable, natural materials for all of our products. But what does that actually look like, and what is the measurable impact on the environment? In the next few posts here on the blog, we’re going to look closer at some of the key materials used in Marley products. 

House of Marley sources organic cotton as a key component in our Rewind™ Fabric. When combined with recycled materials and fibers, organic cotton adds a natural texture and softness to the fabric we use as casing on our speakers, like the Get Together Mini and the No Bounds Family


While regular cotton can create a host of environmental issues, organic cotton is grown without any pesticides, fertilizers or toxic chemicals, and doesn’t destroy soil quality or water sources near the farms where it’s grown. Cotton is also renewable and biodegradable, meaning when it is eventually discarded, it doesn’t sit in a landfill for eons the way synthetic fabrics do. 

Organic cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides—all of which carry toxins that can harm the surrounding environment. Organic farming also requires significantly less water usage. We rely on organic cotton as a component of our REWIND™ Fabric, which is used for our soft goods and other fabric applications.