Climate Policy

FKA Brands Ltd – Climate Policy statement

At FKA Brands Limited our position with respect to climate is shaped by these 4 principles: 

  1. 1. In the field of climate science, there is consensus that human activity is a driving factor in climate change.
  2. 2. Environmental health impacts human health and well-being.
  3. 3. Risks resulting from a changing climate have the potential to negatively impact economies around the world, these risks could result in disruption of critical infrastructure and global supply chains as well as increase financial risk to organizations such as ours. The potential financial impact of these risks is significant to the global economy and is a compelling driver for businesses to act.
  4. 4. We have a responsibility to help abate climate change and environmental degradation


FKA Brands Limited's commitments:

  • Establish strategies and programs in line with our Environmental Policy to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, supply chain, and products by improving energy and water efficiency, removing non-essential plastic packaging from products and increasing our use of re-cycled materials, re-cyclable materials and renewable energy;
  • Set both short- and long-term science-based goals for CO2 emission reductions measured on an per unit of output basis, and work toward powering 100 percent of our operations with renewable energy;
  • Ensure the availability of information, employee training and resources to meet our goals, and report regularly and transparently on our progress toward those goals;
  • Engage our suppliers and customers to improve transparency and collaboration, and minimize the environmental impact—including the carbon footprint—of our purchased goods and our services and products;
  • Improve our assessment of the business risks associated with a changing climate and integrate them into our risk mitigation programmes, business continuity programs to ensure that we can continue to meet our customer's needs;
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations
  • Ensure that there is alignment of our overall business strategy and our climate policy

FKA Brands Limited Governance:
We implement processes to assure adherence to this Policy.
This Policy has been reviewed by senior management, is applicable to all Companies within FKA Brands Limited, and is to be shared publicly with all stakeholders. The Senior Leadership Team regularly reviews the Company’s policies, programs and practices on environment, health, and sustainability, including enterprise goals directed at carbon reduction and renewable energy. This Policy is to be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary