Champion True Wireless Earbuds FAQ

We've put together some frequently asked questions and guides to help you set-up your Champion Earbuds.

Q1) Linking with your mobile device for the first time:

Q2) Can I use a single earbud on their own?

A: Yes. Whilst paired, if you pop one earbud back into the case the other will continue to work on its own. Then when you take the other earbud out it will automatically pair again and you will have 2 again. Note: when in mono the control are:

Mono controls:

Pause / Play: One tap on the earbud
Next track: Double tap on the earbud
Siri/Google Assistant: Triple tap on the earbud
Answer / end call: One tap on the earbud

Q3) How do I use the controls?

A:These can take some getting used to. However, please see the tap controls in more detail below:


Pause / Play: Double tap any earbud
Previous track: Double tap left earbud
Next track: Double tap right earbud

Siri/Google Assistant:

Activate: Triple tap any earbud


Answer: Tap any earbud
End call: Double tap any earbud

Q4) How do I turn on if the case is empty, but the earbuds have charge?

A: You hold the buds multifunction button for 2 seconds and they will turn on. We would then recommend putting your case on charge, for future use. Please see instructions below.

Power On: The earbuds will auto power on when taken out of the case. If not, hold each earbud multifunction button for 2 seconds.
Power Off: The earbuds will auto off when you put them in the case. Note: make sure the LED’s are RED ensuring they are in correctly. If you don't have the case with you, hold the earbuds multifunction button for 4 seconds

Q5) How do I know how much charge the case has left?

A: Double tap the case. This will first show you if both earbuds are charging correctly (by highlighting the left and right LED’s white) Note: if these are not lit – the buds need to be adjusted in the case to ensure there is good contact between the between the metal plates on the earbuds and the metal pins in the case. Both may need a little wipe.
Then secondly, the 4 LED’s will light up as follows:

Q6) How do I know the earbuds are charging in the case?

A: When you place the buds in the case, ensure the LEDs turn red. This indicates good contact with the metal pins in the case. Secondly, if the case is closed with the buds inside, you can double tap the case and the left and right LED will be lit if the buds are in contact. If the left LED is not lit, it means there is not good contact on the left bud. And the same if the right LED is not lit. IF this happens open the case and re-put in the earbuds to the case ensuring the LED on the bud turns red. You may need to wipe the contact points on the bud and the case to ensure there is nothing stopping this connection.

Q7) 1 earbud is not working?

A: Here we would recommend both buds and the case are fully charged. Then to double check it is not the Bluetooth connection you should, go into your mobile devices Bluetooth settings and forget the “Champion” earbuds. Then reset the earbuds. You do this by turning them off manually. Hold each earbuds multifunction button for 4 seconds to turn off. Then hold down the button on both earbuds for 8 seconds to reset. The buds will now be reset ad ready to pair. Go into your devices Bluetooth setting and find the “Champion” earbuds. Then click to connect.