Redemption ANC True Wireless Earbuds FAQ

We've put together some frequently asked questions and guides to help you set-up your Redemption ANC Earbuds.

Q1) What are the different earbud sizes that Redemption ANC come with? Are they likely to fall out when running?

A: No these will not fall out when running the fit should be very secure. First you need to select the ear tip that best fits your ear – small, medium or large. Please try a few as you may be a different size than expected. The better the ear tip, the better sound quality you will experience. Then you can also use the optional ear fins for added stability for larger ear. These rest on the edge of the earbud to create an even better acoustic seal. Once you are setup to go the fit should be so secure, running would cause no issues.

Q2) How do I turn on if the case is empty, but the earbuds have charge?

A:The case is needed to initiate the power on. Just give you case a quick 10 minute charge and you’ll be good to go again.

Q3) I cannot seem to get the tap controls to work

A:These can take some getting used to. However, please see the tap controls in more detail below:


Pause / Play: Double tap on the right earbud
Next track: Triple right tap earbud


ANC On: Triple left tap earbud
ANC & Ambience Mode On: Triple left tap earbud


Answer / end call: Double tap on the right earbud
Decline call: Double tap left earbud

Q4) How to fit the earbud into my ear.

A:The easiest way to insert the earbud is in first and then twist.

Q5) The music stops when I take an earbud out of my ear.

A:That's right, because of the smart sensors, the music pauses. Put it in your ear again and the music continues.

Q6) My earuds are not turning on?

A: Make sure your case is charged, otherwise the earbuds will not turn on when you open the case.

Q7) 1 earbud is not working?

A: Make sure both earbuds are fully charged. Place them in the case and ensure the LED’s are solid RED. This indicates charging. Once they are fully charged, the LED light will turn off. Take out of the case and they should pair together and then pair to your device. If this still does not fix the issue, you can reset your earphones to get them back to working order. To do this follow the video:

Q8) I only get sound on one side from my iMac. After pairing with Bluetooth, I only have 1 side with sound or with very quiet sound. The earphones are working fine on my phone.

A: The iMac seems to link the ears in “unbalance”, adjust the balance between left and right on your iMac and the stereo performance is back again.