Stir It Up Wireless Turntable & Get Together 2 XL Bluetooth Speaker Bundle


33-45 RPM

Play any 33 or 45 RPM records.


Our REWIND™ fabric is weaved from recycled materials to create a durable, high quality product.


The Get Together 2 XL is a wireless speaker and connects easily to the turntable.


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials in the world as it grows quickly, requires no fertilisers or pesticides, and regenerates on its own.



Pair the Stir It Up Wireless Turntable with our Get Together 2 XL Bluetooth Speaker for a sleek and easy listening experience. Easy to pair thanks to the simple pairing button and onboard volume controls on the Stir It Up Wireless, making for a smoother connection and better performance.

stir it up

wireless turntable

A new spin on an old classic, our Stir It Up Wireless Turntable delivers premium audio quality and lets you enjoy every sonic detail of your favourite vinyl records.

The minimalistic, streamlined design of this record player makes for a stunning and functional statement piece. You’ll notice our attention to detail through unique touches like the Bob Marley quote engraved on the tonearm.


2 XL

The head member of the Get Together family, the Get Together 2 XL Bluetooth Speaker takes your sound session to the highest level in more ways than one. Delivering exceptional audio clarity and unmatched sound for a levelled-up listening experience, this speaker is bigger and better than ever. With 20-hour playtime, quick-charge technology and an optional multi-pair mode.

With 60 watts of power along with the full-range drivers and tweeters to power up your playlist, this speaker comes with Bass Boost, Acoustic and Marley Signature Sound EQs to maximise the music, whatever your taste.



Our Stir It Up Wireless Turntable and Get Together 2 XL Speakers are crafted with sustainable materials.


Regrind Silicone


Recyclable Aluminium



The Stir It Up Wireless and Get Together 2 XL are crafted from Bamboo and REWIND™ Fabric. We choose bamboo because it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. REWIND™ Fabric is soft, hard-wearing and woven from recycled materials (a balanced blend of 30% reclaimed organic cotton, 30% reclaimed hemp and 40% recycled PET) to curate our signature style.